Why the Seiza position before the class starts? 

The Seiza position gives steadiness and readiness before and to the action, it is also a good position to create calmness in your mind. 

Check points for the Seiza position: 

  • Eyes are open or close;
  • Straight your back;
  • Chin drawn in;
  • Space of two fists between the knees;
  • Cross the big toes; 
  • Hands on top of the thighs; 

The following hands positions are also possible:

  • Sa shu: Crossed hands with palms face to the center of the body, this hands position helps you to be calm and to accumulate inner energy.
  • Ho kai jo in: Crossed hands with palms up being like a cup, this hands position helps to be receptive and open minded. 

The satisfaction from the Aikido

To have your personal satisfaction from the Aikido, which is an important matter, the Aikido offers you the possibility of physical and mental satisfaction.
When people are coming to the Aikido, they are looking for some kind of physical satisfaction doing the combat techniques and fight to win from each other. This is deeply connected with the individual instinct to be satisfied by winning trough the exercise and Aïkido offers it.

However, afterwards a more intelligent person will recognise that the method of the Aïkido is not only winning from others but mostly winning within yourself. If you make this concept yours, your personal satisfaction from the Aïkido will be greater. The winning within yourself means controlling your thoughts according to the opposed situation.
Many features compose the methods to exercise in the Aïkido:

  • The hand to hand combat, which has well developed techniques capable to encounter any attack;
  • The use of weapons, which movements refer to a hand to hand combat, those exercises will develop your physical condition and maintain the internal functions of the body instead of only a muscular strength.
    The exercise of the Aïkido ask for an intelligent approach.

Concerning the matter of taking an instant decision when being attacked by doing the appropriate technique improves the ability to see the forth coming.
To maintain a good health, to be able to make an instant decision, to adapt oneself to any opposed situation, to see the forth coming, all those matters offered by the Aikido will, I am sure, help you to go through in your life.

May 22, 1985
Signed by Seiichi Sugano

Kom met nieuwe vitaliserende energie in 2021

Omdat we niemand nodig hebben die ons moet vertellen hoe hard 2020 was.
Vanaf nu, ontvang enkel positieve energie om je jaar te starten.
Het enige verschil tussen jij en de anderen, is je houding ten opzichte van de volle situatie.
Blijf positief, onderhoud je vuur!

In aiki

Corona: gouden basisregels

De gouden basisregels met gezond verstand bij aikido
  • Maximale afstand
     1,5 m afstand houden
     rode looplijnen in gangen (in/uit)
  • Maximale hygiëne
    handen wassen en/of ontsmetten (Dispenser aan ingang sporthal, alsook ingang gevechtzaal)
    ‘high touch’ oppervlakken ontsmetten (klinken kast, tafelblad, houten wapens voor beginners, etc.)
    Goede ventilatie (buiten trainen indien geen regen of te koud, deuren openlaten, ventilatiesysteem gebruiken)
  • Maximale data
    richtlijnen veiligheidscommunicatie (affichering en sensibilisering)
    aanwezigheden bijhouden met register (na 15 dagen gaan de gegevens weg)